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Release unwanted, excess weight in the quickest, easiest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way possible... 

and keep it off... for good.

Get started to create Your Highest Level of Health, Wellness, and Fitness now.
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You Can't Lose... Here's Why:
This is a RESULTS-BASED program. 
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
(Except any excess, unwanted weight, that is - physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually😉 )
Here's What You Get TODAY...
 30 Day Rawsome Body Bootcamp! Get Everything You Need in This Program to Create an Environment in the Physical Body that Gives You the Space To Ease Whole Soul Transformation, Improve Your Overall Well-Being, and Leaves You Feeling Light, Energized, and Maximized. As an Added Bonus, You Can Release Unwanted Excess Body Fat Quickly, Easily, Healthily, and Enjoyably in a Supportive Atmosphere with DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY. You Can Also Gain Lean Muscle Mass if That's Your Goal too. ($4,997 Value)
 4 Small Group Individualized Coaching & Skills Training Sessions! Be Supported By Our Team of Health and Wellness Professionals by Learning the Skills to Increase Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance! This Evidence-Based Program Has Been Helpful to Many People to Achieve Their Goals - Whether It's To Release Unwanted, Excess Weight, To Increase Their Level of Fitness, To Stop Disordered Eating Behaviors, Overcome Addictions, and Much, Much More. Why Group Sessions? Factors of Long Term Success are In Community, Support, and Accountability. ($2,997 Value)
 Rawsome Body Mastery Course! The Fine Art of What to Eat, When to Eat, How Much to Eat Will All Be Covered in this Course. You'll Also Come to Understand All the In's and Out's of Body Cycles, Proper Food Combining, Correct Fruit Consumption, and Macronutrient Ratios for Quick & Effortless Optimal Health Creation.  ($1,997 Value)
 30 Day Membership to the Private VIP Accountability & Support Group PLUS DAILY Check-ins! Keep Yourself On Track, Focused, and Motivated With Exclusive Membership to The Private Rawkstar Tribe Facebook Group. Connect With Other Likeminded Individuals Who Are Also On the Same Path To Health, Wealth, and Freedom. ($1,997 Value)
 Done For You Nutritious and Delicious Complete Meal Plan PLUS Ready To Go Shopping Lists! Get All of Lexi's Favorite Quick & Easy Meals Laid Out for You and Ready To Go. ($997 Value)
 ALL of Lexi's Favorite Exercise Progressions in the "Move Your Body! Activity Guide." Get the Inside Scoop on my Favorite, Easy, and Fun Exercise Progression Sequence PLUS Get Your Personalized Curated Body Movement Playtime Plan. ($997 Value)
 Romaine Calm Prompted Daily Diary! Get the Perfectly Pre-Prompted Journal to Stay Focused, Motivated, and Tangibly Track Your Progress Everyday. ($497 Value)
 BONUS: Fantastic Fruit Ripening Guide! This Fantastic Guide Will Let You In On Nature's Secrets: Exactly How to Tell When Fruit Is At Prime Ripeness (For Optimal Digestion And Weight Release and Maintenance) And How to Speed Up The Ripening Process As Well. (PRICELESS)
 BONUS: Wellness Success Guidebook! Get All Of Lexi's Top Secret Tips to Expedite Healing, Weight Release, and Fitness GIVEN TO YOU With This Program. (PRICELESS)
 TOTAL VALUE: $19,482
Frequently Asked Questions
"Would I be able to do the course at my own pace by watching the lessons?"

With the 30 Day Rawsome Body Bootcamp, the course is strategically designed for you to spend about 5-15 minutes a day learning new content. You could choose to watch or listen to all the lessons once if you prefer, one a day, or over and over again.

During the 30 Day Bootcamp, we meet once a week with the group for a 2 hour session. Participants in the group will have access to the recorded session, so if you are unable to attend a session, you'll be able to watch the recorded replay to get the new content and homework practice for the week.

"How do I get access to the program?"

All course content is available online and is primarily hosted in a private Facebook Group. 

"What is the time commitment weekly?"

This is all done at your own pace! 

For Rawsome Body Bootcamp, you can expect to move your body for just 30 minutes a day. Body movement playtime can be completed in one sitting or in a few smaller chunks throughout the day. You can expect to spend 20 minutes or less preparing your meals for the entire day! You can expect to spend 30 minutes grocery shopping each week, but this depends on many factors such as your local supermarket's layout and how much time you wish to be shopping. While you're saving money on your grocery bill, you'll also free up time to do more of whatever you want!

Homework Practice will become part of what you're already doing during the week, so the time commitment will depend upon you.

"What if I don't have the right equipment?"

Don't worry! I'm going to give you a list of the tools I recommend and also how to manage without them.

"I have a huge problem with motivation, will this still help me?"

That's exactly what this program is designed to help you with! The program starts off with a 1-on-1 coaching session which specifically tackles many "problems" associated with motivation. You'll also get the specific tasks and meals for each day to stay focused, you'll get access to the full archive of group coaching and Q&A sessions, and you'll get the Romaine Calm motivational pre-prompted daily diary to keep you on track. You'll also learn and practice tangible skills to stay on track for the long term. 

"I struggle with getting and staying healthy because I overeat. Will this solve my problem?"

Absolutely! You don't need to worry about overeating in Rawsome Body Bootcamp. In fact one of the biggest struggles for rawsome body makers is to eat enough! In this course, we address why it is important to eat more food on a fruit-based lifestyle than we might be used to eating in other programs. Additionally in the coaching calls, we teach skills that have been helpful to many people in overcoming certain behaviors that are misaligned with their values and goals.

"I don't think I can ever get healthy. Is there any hope this will work for me?"

Yes! Absolutely. 

When you use the given-to-you formula in Rawsome Body Bootcamp, you can create more healthfulness AND feel satisfied AND create a more positive outlook.

You'll also learn mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance skills that can help guide you to better overall mind, body, and soul health..

Email me at lexi@healthydynamiclife.com if you have questions. 

What Others Have Experienced Working With Lexi:
"I'm so grateful for Lexi getting me back on track. I was really in a rut but her positive attitude pushed me right out of it! I'm back on the raw train for life! I'm looking like my old self again! Lexi is like the Tony Robbins of wellness and raw foods!"

- Courtney Rollins Zawisa (Courtney Uncooked)
"So I did a thing...I joined Lexi's 30 Day Challenge. Lots of delicious fruits and vegetables, and I mean lots!! It took me forever to eat all my breakfast but I'm loving it!! I feel great! My skin looks great, I'm shedding pounds, my digestive system is doing great. When I feel good, I truly live life to the fullest. Eating healthy, moving everyday, skin is glowing, tons of energy. My kid screams and I softly talk to him. Showing him a good example is my goal in life #blissFULL."

- Rachel Kemp
"I've tried so many diets, programs, and extreme exercises, and I have never been able to lose this much weight in the past 2 years!! At the beginning of this journey, I had 60 pounds to lose. I'm 14 pounds down and feeling SO GOOD! Losing another 46 pounds seems like no biggy now. I don't think I will ever go back to cooked food, I enjoy eating raw so much more!"

- Kristin Maxwell
"Since working with Lexi, I have felt held and supported along my journey. Working with Lexi has been like a breath of fresh air. She's allowed me to explore some of the deeper emotional reasons behind my patterns with food and created a safe loving space for me to evolve, at my own pace, into the best version of myself. I am still on my journey with her, but working with Lexi was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself! Worth every cent! She will help you create healthy habits for life, while also addressing the very real challenge that many of us face, but not too many raw vegans focus on: releasing those pounds. Lexi gets my wholehearted vote of confidence, and I honestly think you should jump on her program now because I can see her blowing up and going super viral in a very short matter of time. And at that point, she may be much more expensive and less accessible. Do yourself a favor, stop wondering and procrastinating your health and vitality and invest in yourself by working with Lexi!"

- Michelle de Leon
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